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“Everything you want is on the other side of fear. To be successful, get to the other side of fear.” That was Malappuram’s message to its children who fought an international junior team in the finals of the Subroto Cup football championship held in Delhi on Monday.
The children of Malabar Special Police (MSP) School, Malappuram, literally got to the other side of fear and scored two goals against Ukraine’s FC Dynamo Kyiv.
They became the first team to score a goal against the mighty Kyiv but that was not enough to lift the cup.
The MSP School lost to the foreign giants 5-2. But the Malappuram boys not only made history by asserting their football prowess in the Subroto Cup but also gave the entire State proud moments to celebrate.
Win or no win, the MSP campus ruptured into revelry on Monday morning. Local crowds too joined the students and teachers of the school to watch the match live on giant screens erected at the MSP community hall.
The happiness on the MSP campus was apparently infectious.
Every police personnel of the MSP camp, including its Commandant and former international footballer U. Sharafali, looked upbeat on Monday.
“They did us proud. They did the entire State proud,” said Sharafali.
It was the first time a Kerala team played the finals of the Subroto Cup in its 54-year history. No team from Kerala had advanced beyond the quarterfinals before.
The MSP is planning to accord a grand welcome to its boys who will return from Delhi on Thursday.

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