Importance of science for cute students.

Whats is science?
                         why does the sun appear only in the day time ? why do the stars glow only at night? why do plants grow towards the sunlight even when they are kept in a room?

  • The questions like what ,why and how can readily be given answers with help of science.
          The things we use in our day to day life,for example, electrical equipment's, various food items and sophisticated life style are gifts from the source of science.
  •  physics deals with our galaxy,earth and other planets,stars and their dynamic motions , lights,sound and other related sources of science.
  •   chemistry deals with metals , non-metals,melting substances,odour and taste(salt,sweet) of materials used in our day to day life.
  •  In the universe,the living organisms exist only in the earth.the study of herbs ,shrubs,climbers,trees,domestic animals, wild animals, aquatic organisms, microbes and other life forms around us is called Biology.
  • The branch of science that deals with herb,shrubs,climbers and trees is called Botany
  • The study of animals is knowns as Zoology.
    Can We live without plants?????????

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